Ronin [roh-nin]

A samurai without lord or master. By 2020, 40% of the workforce will be an occupational ronin.

Connecting Work

With workers, on demand and on your schedule.

Demand & Scale

Adjusting the scale of your workforce to meet demand.

Work Flexibility

I want to work on my schedule


We Empower Employers

On Demand

Broadcast available shifts to all eligible workers or choose who you want.


Set up your available shift hours ahead of time, identify gaps in coverage and find on demand workers.


Notifications in real-time, shift requests, break & meal periods, no-shows, and other critical information comes to you.


We make it easy for workers to promote their shift at your business. A strong social presence means more revenue.


Control search filters, requirements, favorites and get the workers you want when you need them.


Complete control through easy to use mobile & web based applications. Manage shift work across a single or multiple locations.


Adjust your shift needs on the fly. Increase work for shift or hire the worker to your staff with no placement fee.


Assign security levels, assign managers at different locations, control who can approve shifters, review reporting and receive notifications


We satisfy all employer recurrences like workers comp and benefits. Control overtime, reduce break & meal penalties, and provide tools to enhance safety.


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We Empower Workers

On Demand

A 9-5 job is no longer the professional norm. Work on your schedule, not someone else’s schedule.

Part Time & Full Time

Almost 75% of the new jobs created in 2017 are part time, but many people would rather work full time hours. The gigRonin model gives the choice to you!


Notifications, shift openings, break/meal period and other critical information delivered to you in real time.


Capitalize on gig economy opportunities created by Social Media integration.


Find available shifts 24/7/365 in hospitality or retail. With gigRonin, how much you work is up to you.

Work Goals

Define optional goals like earning or employment status (part or full-time hours), then track your attainment.


Schedule, track, and map multiple opportunities to work on any given day. Find opportunities in the next month or in the next hour.


Nine out of Ten Millennials say their smartphone never leaves their side. Our technology lets work opportunities come to you, wherever you are!


Earn W2 wages, and receive the protections of traditional employment like Health Benefits, Insurance, and 401K with employer contributions.


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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to use a gigRonin shift worker?

Less than you think! Especially considering that the gigRonin fee includes all applicable federal/state/local taxes, workers comp, compulsory health insurance and related measurements, mandatory sick leave (if applicable) and all other compliance burdens. It’s definitely a much lower cost option compared to having an employee work overtime, making the wrong hire or turning down a revenue opportunity.

Does using gigRonin reduce my compliance obligations?

gigRonin relieves almost all of the administrative burdens faced by employers. Your job is to direct the work, and provide an environment that is safe and free from harassment and discrimination. Our job is to handle compliance and workforce management.

Can gig Ronin help me reduce the cost of my current workforce by load-balancing a contingent workforce?

Planning scheduling for numerous part time or transitional employees can be one of the most frustrating parts of management, especially when dealing with multiple locations. The gigRonin platform allows you to identify short term gaps of coverage and fill the hole with an on-demand employee ecosystem designed specifically for your industry. Imagine scaling instantly, and only when you need it!

How far in advance do I need to broadcast an open shift?

With gigRonin, you can broadcast a shift that is unexpectedly open for an instant response. Our platform provides an immediate and real-time remedy for no-shows or call-offs.

What happens if a worker goes into overtime?

Both the worker and the worksite receive real time text notification as overtime and meal/break periods are approached. If a worker applies for a shift that will put him into overtime, notification will be provided to the worksite before the shift is confirmed allowing you to accept the premium pay or simply find a different worker.

Are workers from gigRonin covered by workers compensation? Am I protected by EPLI?

All gigRonin employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance and Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) which extends to the worksite under third party coverage.

What if I want to hire a gigRonin worker onto my businesses team?

There are no costs or placement fees to hire a gigRonin worker as your employee! The cost of a bad hire far exceeds the wages and we provide the ability “to try before you buy”.

Do you perform background checks on the workers?

Yes. All gigRonin employees must pass a pre-employment screening process which includes a background check, credit check for fraud, and social security number verification.


How much does gigRonin pay, and is their any cost to use the app?

The wage per hour is set by the worksite and is subject to all applicable federal, state and local wage and hour laws.

Are there any minimum work requirements?

With gigRonin you work according to your schedule, not someone else’s schedule. Work as often or as little as you want, and only accept the shifts of your choice.

What is the minimum shift length?

The minimum length of a shift is two hours.

What industries are available to work in?

Numerous positions with the Restaurant and Retail industry are available. Additional industries and positions will be added.

What benefits are available?

GigRonin brings back the protections, benefits and dignity that are often lost when a person strings together multiple part time opportunities or pursues alternative work arrangements. All workers are protected by the exclusive remedy of Workers’ Compensation insurance, and employees who qualify as full time can select additional benefits such as health insurance and 401K including an employer contribution from gigRonin.

Can I use gigRonin in conjunction with my current job?

Absolutely. You can use gigRonin on the weekends, after hours or whenever you want!

What about overtime?

Worksites will be notified if premium pay is required at the time workers apply for a shift based on hours already worked or shifts already scheduled, and in cases when a worker is eligible for overtime they will receive it.

What requirements do I need to work for gigRonin?

  • Have experience in the industry you are applying for
  • Live near one of our markets
  • Be 18 or older and legally authorized to work in the US
  • Have an iPhone or Android phone capable of running the Shiftgig app

Can I apply online? How does the application process work?

After a phone or video interview, approved candidates will be notified to complete their pre-hire documents online. After that, the future gigRonin worker completes their pre-hire documents and a background check is conducted.

How often do I get paid?

Gig Ronin Employees are paid on a weekly basis, usually on Friday the week after work is performed.


Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to connect work opportunities with contingent shift workers via an easy to use technology ecosystem that identifies gaps in coverage and broadcasts short term gig openings for an immediate response by on-demand gigRonin employees.

Employers Why Choose Us

The idea that businesses in industries like restaurants and retail can identify short term gaps of coverage and respond with a technology ecosystem that provides access to on-demand employees is uniquely disruptive. It’s also an instant solution for no-shows or call-offs that is a much less expensive proposition than having another worker go into overtime. The gigRonin solution allows organization to scale up for peak periods like easily, and subsequently scale down without headaches. Finally, our technology platform significantly reduces time wasting compliance obligations and provides alert notification to avoid overtime and missed meal penalties.

Workers Why Choose Us

With gigRonin you work as often or as little as you want, and only accept the shifts of your choice. You can even look for shifts that are near your vicinity and open right! GigRonin brings back the protections, benefits and dignity that are often lost when a person strings together multiple part time opportunities or pursues alternative work arrangements. Additionally, employees who qualify as full time can select benefits such as health insurance and 401K including an employer contribution. Use gigRonin on the weekends, after hours or whenever you choose!

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